A Little Risk Goes A Long Way

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Saint John’s Fundy Fringe Festival gears up for largest festival to date.


The fourth annual Fundy Fringe Festival will add its own unique flair to Uptown Saint John next month with performers from across the country sharing random acts of theatre, August 16-21, 2016.  This week, festival organizers announced this year’s festival lineup which includes ten New Brunswick plays with nearly a dozen more from across Canada in the United States.

As Festival Director Sarah Rankin points out, the continued success of FFF has a lot to do with increased interest from across the province.

“I feel like the community is really behind us this year,” said Rankin.  “Each year we see more applications from New Brunswick performers, more innovative performances, and a greater amount of support from the city and the people. Our volunteer base is growing, and we’re getting more artists coming into Saint John from Fredericton and Moncton. I think the Fundy Fringe is really turning into a New Brunswick event.”

Since first debuting in 2013 as one of Saint John’s several unique summer attractions, FFF continues to draw a diverse mix of patrons spanning all ages and interests, something Rankin believes is a direct result of the fringe model.

“I think fringe does attract those who are open-minded and looking for something new and inspiring,” she said.  “Fringe audiences, artists, and volunteers are risk takers, because fringe festivals are all about risk. You take a risk on an a new and upcoming performer, or on a show your never heard of. That’s why ticket prices to fringe shows are so affordable. It makes the risk more of a creative risk than a financial risk.”

“Saint John is a small city with a big attitude.”

Saint John has long occupied a unique place within New Brunswick’s art community. With annual events like the Saint John Contemporary Dance Festival, Sculpture SJ, Third Shift and countless gallery hops, having a fringe festival makes perfect sense.

“Saint John is a small city with a big attitude,” said Rankin.  “We see ourselves as innovators and creators. I think it’s also due to the surprising amount of artistic space within the uptown Saint John region. We have five venues and that barely scratches the surface of amount of potential arts venues there are uptown. This, along with the restaurant and bar scene creates a really dynamic and vibrant atmosphere that draws people in, and makes it a natural location for an arts festival of this scope.”

Fundy Fringe Festival 2016 Regional Lottery Winners:

  • Maritime Tribal – Night at the Casbah– Saint John, NB
  • Hoveland – HoveLand Comes Alive! The Musical– Saint John, NB
  • Baine’s Way – Come Fly With Me– Midlands Kings County, NB
  • Red Necklace Productions – Claws-Les Pinces de la Mer – Moncton, NB
  • Improvisation Corporation  – Hamilton! (McKenzie)– Saint John, NB
  • Silk Purse Atlantic Theatre – 5:4:3:2:1 Fringe– Saint John, NB
  • HubCity Theatre – Roomies – Moncton, NB
  • Carp of Truth – The Velvet Undergrad– Saint John, NB
  • Dwarf Productions – Homo– Saint John, NB
  • Chameleon Jo Productions – eXpendable– Fredericton, NB

Fundy Fringe Festival 2016 National Lottery Winners:

  • Nostos Collective – Candescent Cabaret– Halifax, NS
  • Reverie Theatre – My Inside Voice– Toronto, ON
  • Pony Street Productions – Toronto, ON
  • Dead Sheep Scrolls – Pigeonhol’d– Wolfville, NS
  • West Dalhousie Community Hall – No Brag, Just Facts– Bridgetown, NS
  • Rynestone Magic – Magic With an Edge– Brockville, ON
  • What’s That Spooky Noise? – Galactic– Halifax, NS
  • HagenDoesTheatre – Perk Up, Pianist!– Vancouver, BC
  • The Friendly Haters – Courtesy Call– Montreal, PQ

Fundy Fringe Festival 2016 International Lottery Winners:

  • Peter Aguero – Daddy Issues– New York, USA

Full details on this year’s Fundy Fringe Festival can be found at www.fundyfringefestival.com

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