Full Folly Lineup Announced

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Organizers are putting the finishing touches on the 9th annual Feels Good Folly Fest set to take place June 23-25 at the Queen’s County Fairground.

Every year around this time the sleepy village of Gagetown, New Brunswick comes alive with musicians and artists from across the country (and beyond) who make the pilgrimage to the Queen’s County Fairground for a weekend of friendship and community with what organizers are calling “the funkiest weekend of the jam-packed summer festival season”.  With over 70 acts performing on eight stages, an art market, a silent disco and on-site camping, the 2017 edition of the festival aims to be the biggest and funkiest event in the festival’s nine year history.

Earlier this spring festival organizers announced Five Alarm Funk, Lindsay Misner & the 7th Mystic, Alysha Brilla and others would perform at this year’s event. The full announcement made last week sees an impressive cast of regional acts including Kill Chicago, The Hypochondriacs and Keith Hallett joining this year’s international lineup.

NO BS! Brass Band. Photo: Lauren Serpa Photographs

Also added to this impressive cast performers and artists at this year’s festival will be the first ever Folly Films, a new branch of festival programming produced in partnership with the New Brunswick Filmmaker’s Co-op.

“Folly Films is a project we’ve been thinking of for a few years now but haven’t been able to find the time to orchestrate,” said Folly Fest’s Paul McAllister. “If it wasn’t for Penny [Stevens] joining the team, I don’t think it would have happened for a few more years.

“Basically the idea behind Folly is to celebrate as many art forms as possible, and filmmaking has always been an art form that gets left behind. Hence, our first ever little film fest!”

More details on Folly Films including participating filmmakers and their work will be announced in the coming days.

To keep up with all things Feels Good Folly Fest related, visit www.follyfest.ca or download the brand new festival app, which provides up-to-date schedules, weather information, ticket details and a complete breakdown of the festival’s impressive site-wide recycling and waste disposal program.

This Year’s Feels Good Folly Fest Performers:

No BS! Brass Band | Five Alarm Funk | G-Nome Project | The Elwins | Alysha Brilla | Ben Caplan | After Funk | My Son The Hurricane | Modern Grass | Keith Hallett | Dylan Menzie | The Brood | Earthbound | Kill Chicago | Big Band Of Fun | David In The Dark | Gordon Gets Lost | Jinx The Cat | The Hypochondriacs | The Barrowdowns | Weak Size Fish | OQO | Jacque Mindreau | The Sticky Bandits | Joyful Noise | The Galpines | Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic | Bits | max Keenlyside | Jane Blanchard | The Falling leaves | Jont & The Infinite Possibility | Nebullama | CHIPS | Lemonisco | Koconut Kings | Hum & Hollow | Womb To Tomb | The Montgomery Street Band | Superfluid | Lew Moss & The Lost Cause | Electric Vibes | VARAS | Blue Lobella | Guy & Doll | Sound Investments | Sam Astrorino | Jerry Faye Flatt | Tommy Knuckles | Foggyswoggle | Wobble Wallah | Betsy White | Daryl & His Boogie Buttons | DJCOOLTRAINERCODY | Derb | A Merrytime Archivist

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