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Cedric Noel offers up something unexpected on his latest release, Um.

a2323565823_10Cedric Noel’s latest release is both a pleasant surprise and no surprise at all. Pleasant because, well, it’s new music from an incredibly gifted, passionate and dedicated musician. And it’s no surprise at all because we’ve come to expect the unexpected from Noel and his work. Always moving. Always honest.

On his latest release, Um, Noel steps away from his familiar role as songwriter and instead offers up an inspiring two track, 20+ minute pairing of new compositions performed on piano.

“I don’t really play the piano, but somehow this album is a snippet of several improvised piano pieces recorded in Ottawa this winter,” writes Noel on his newly posted Tumblr page.

The tracks were recorded in early 2016 and further Noel’s recent exploration of ambient sounds which was first introduced through a 2015 project and subsequent release under the name, C-N-U-S, a duo with emotive, improv, noise-rock act, Union Suit.

“There is a sense of calm that washes over me every time I get to play a piano,” says Noel, “especially when I get to be alone with one. I think I wanted that feeling again, I wanted to feel alone. It’s important to feel that sometimes I think.”

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