Free Workshop: Intro to Powwow Dancing

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The TNB Theatre School presents an afternoon of outdoor movement and dance with dancer/choreographer Nipahtuwet Naka Wespahtuwet Possesom (Possesom Paul). 

Possesom Paul. Photo: Screenshot from Atlantic Ballet – ISOLATED//TOGETHER.

Join TNB for an afternoon of outdoor movement and dance. 

Led by dancer/choreographer Nipahtuwet Naka Wespahtuwet Possesom (Possesom Paul), this short and sweet workshop will provide an introduction to pow wow dancing and explore how traditional dance can mix with contemporary movement. This event is perfect for families looking for a unique way to spend an afternoon outside!

Everyone welcome. Bring the family! Meet at the Wolastoqey Burial Ground (next to Old Government House – 51 Woodstock Road) just before 1 p.m. Parking available behind the Victoria Health Centre or at the lot next to the Delta Hotel.

This FREE event is made possible through the City of Fredericton’s Arts, Culture & Heritage Grants program.

About the Instructor: Nipahtuwet Naka Wespahtuwet Possesom (Possesom Paul)

‘Possesom’ [Ba-zaz-um] is a Wolastoq artist and cultural educator. Notable work includes, the upcoming first ever Wolastoq ballet ‘Samaquan,’ in partnership with the Atlantic Ballet and Jeremy Dutcher. St John’s Spirit Song Festival, ‘We are Wolastoq,’ the New Beaverbrook Art Gallery Opening, Area 506 Festival, Choreography alongside Toronto famous Gadlfy Urban Dance Company, and the Detroit Concert of Colors. ‘Possesom’ has been featured in Canadian National Geographic, The Globe and Mail, and CBC.

He is a forerunner of Atlantic development of different work that bring a spotlight to the vibrant art form of indigenous dance and performance.  He has worked with artists as Jeremy Dutcher, City Natives, and Santee Smith of Kaha:wi Dance Theater, and even performed alongside the late Ray Charles. 

‘Possesom’ is a major contributor and resource to the world indigenous artist community, a chief advisor in developing and improving the Atlantic powwow scene, to running and managing many events as staff, head dancer, and master of ceremonies.

An Intro to Powwow Dancing | April 3 | Wolastoqey Burial Ground (51 Woodstock Road) | 1-2 p.m. | FREE | View Event 

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