Fredericton makes surprise cameo in new Ed Sheeran video

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The Joker and the Queen (feat. Taylor Swift) features a quick drone shot that clearly shows the UNB Campus, the downtown core and the neighbourhood of South Devon.

Less than an hour after it’s release to YouTube, the official video for Ed Sheeran’s new single, The Joker and the Queen (feat. Taylor Swift), had already racked up nearly half a million views. 

Around the same time, a handful of Fredericton-based Twitter accounts started buzzing with an almost unbelievable piece of news. Sheeran’s new video, which follows a college romance storyline, actually features a drone shot of the University of New Brunswick campus looking towards the downtown core, the Wolastoq River and the neighborhood of South Devon. It’s quick, somewhere around the 33-34 second mark.

The shot exists for only a few seconds, but that was long enough for a few sharp eyed residents to notice and quickly rally to share and celebrate one of the city’s newest claims to fame, and no doubt one of the oddest.

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