It’s Like One Giant Party

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Fredericton’s free summer concert lineup could rival that of some music festivals.

Fredericton has a lot figured out when it comes to free entertainment during the summer months. For as long as many can remember, the city has been hosting free summer concerts in Officer’s Square, and over the years, organizers have experimented with various additional venues, lunchtime performances and what seems like an ever-expanding scope in terms of artist talent, genre and notoriety. It is this will to continuously try new ideas and present performers – new and old – that makes the city’s annual summer concert announcement a highlight of the spring season.

Fredericton knows how to keep a festival atmosphere alive all summer long. With that in mind, think of Officer’s Square as the city’s main stage, with performances running most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday nights from late June to early September. This year’s lineup involves over 30 concerts featuring some of the region’s favourites including Grand Theft Bus, Motherhood, David in the Dark, Downtown Blues Band, Josh Bravener, Vogue Dots and Ross Neilsen. There is even a Francophone series that includes Les Blue Charms, Doux Zéphyr and others.

Across the river at the Naskwaaksis Commons Amphitheatre, the Mark Roberts Band, the Cathy Hutch Band, and 8-Track Mind are just a few of the performers who take the stage Wednesday nights beginning at 7 p.m.

Lastly, the long-running Music at The Cathedral series offers classical music on Fridays during the lunch hour throughout July and August.

Concerts on the Northside have already begun. Things get started in Officer’s Square with a performance by Keegan Dobbelsteyn, Tuesday June 21 at 7:30 p.m. Visit to see the full summer lineup and info on raindates.


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