Four Nights of Jazzy Theatre Coming Your Way

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Spearhead Theatre partner with downtown Fredericton’s Crowne Plaza Hotel for dinner theatre performances.

Spearhead Theatre has announced a new partnership with Fredericton’s Crowne Plaza. The partnership will see the Fredericton-based theatre company perform two original jazz revues at Maxwell’s Restaurant and Bar, during October and November.

The first show, Let’s Fall in Love, will feature local performers Jacob Martin and Kelly McAllister, with live accompaniment by Keegan Manson-Curry. Inspired in part by recent events, Let’s Fall in Love tells the story of two friends who met through a dating app before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Framed around the question – How do you meet your soulmate during a pandemic? – the show will unfold alongside a selection of popular jazz standards.  

The second revue, We’ll Meet Again, tells the story of two sisters – one career driven, one happily engaged- separated as a result of COVID-19. Will the wedding go as planned? Will they ever be in the same city or the same country again?  We’ll Meet Again features Kelly McAllister and Nikki Vigneault with live accompaniment by Keegan Manson-Curry.

Both revues were written by Spearhead Theatre’s Artistic Director, Kelly McAllister, and feature classic jazz standards like Fly Me to the Moon, Cheek to Cheek, What a Wonderful World, and Blue Skies.  

“My hope is that these revues will give people a chance to relax and enjoy a nice evening downtown with some amazing food,” said McAllister. “Each show was inspired by events happening in my life, or in the lives of people I know. It seemed wrong to completely avoid this extremely bizarre time we’re living in, but I also want the audience to leave feeling happier than when they came in. I hope they will be able to connect to some of the characters they see in the show, and enjoy some well-needed catharsis.”  

Tickets to Let’s Fall in Love and We’ll Meet Again are on sale now. Details below:

Let’s Fall in Love | October 6 | Crowne Plaza Hotel | View Event
Let’s Fall in Love | October 17 | Crowne Plaza Hotel | View Event
We’ll Meet Again | October 20 | Crowne Plaza Hotel | View Event
We’ll Meet Again | November 3 | Crowne Plaza Hotel | View Event

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