Five Songs of Love and Heartbreak

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Toronto folk artist Merival plays Fredericton April 2.

12715804_1055395284517795_6516078554925031056_nMerival is the name of Anna Horvath’s latest musical endeavour.  She describes what she does as soft folk, of the emotional persuasion. With an angelic voice and a preference for acoustic instrumentation, that description pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Her latest release, the five-song EP, Lovers, is a personal homage to past relationships and how they have all shaped her life in some way. Released in January 2016, the collection present songs that have existed for some time but have only now surfaced publicly.

“’Lovers’ is a pretty transparent title,” she said. “I wrote the songs about various stages of various relationships I had before the age of 20. This is stuff that cut deeply and now that they’ve percolated and been crowd-tested again and again I’m proud to say that I still love them. I could have moved on and released more recent material, but the songs mean a lot to me and I wanted them to be heard.”

Based in Toronto, Merival will be making her first trip out east as a performer and admits she prefers to leave the big city behind when opportunity presents itself.

“I’m definitely always itching to get out of the city,” she said. “I have some family in Dartmouth and Halifax and I have fond memories of making the drive out east with my family when I was about 11. Things have now come full circle as my little brother is doubling as my tour chauffeur.”

Fredericton audiences will have a chance to hear Merival on April 2 when she performs at The Abbey Café & Gallery on Queen Street at 8 PM.

Merival+Andrew Gaddess+Ocean Charter of Values | The Abbey Café & Gallery | April 2, 2016 | 8 PM |  $8


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