Five Reasons You Should Attend Paddlefest 2017

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Paddlefest | May 18-21, 2017 | St. Andrews, NB

Photo: Mike Erb for Photo 506
Photo: Mike Erb for Photo 506

For many New Brunswick music lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, Paddlefest marks the beginning of festival season. While it takes place far in advance of summer’s predictably warm days (this year’s festival takes place May 18-21, 2017), there is no denying the excitement you feel wandering the still-sleepy streets of St. Andrews, New Brunswick in advance of the thousands of tourists who will soon flood Water Street’s many shops and restaurants as they pass through the beautiful and historic seaside community between the middle of June and the end of August. In some ways, that’s makes Paddlefest the calm before the storm and the perfect opportunity to enjoy one of New Brunswick’s most picturesque communities.

With that in mind, we thought we’d put together our five top reasons for heading to Paddlefest this year.

#1 Live Music! Outdoors! In a Tent!

For many New Brunswickers, nothing says summer like outdoor music, and each year Paddlefest is where it all begins. Between May 18-21, musicians will perform all over town, from bars and restaurants to wharfs and tents and all points in between. The festival’s main stage is located in the square between the Post Office and the Red Herring Pub and Eatery on Water Street.

#2 St. Andrews is Beautiful

While in town, take a leisurely stroll and zig-zag your way through the town’s historic neighbourhood laid out as a near-perfect grid, its long straight streets lined with stunning homes, churches and other structures that date as far back as the late 1700s.

#3 Catch a Performance on Ministers Island

Minister’s Island is worth the trip to St. Andrews no matter how far you’ve traveled to get there. Accessible by car only at low tide, this scenic and isolated island was once the summer home of Sir William Van Horne, president of the Canadian Pacific Railway. During Paddlefest, visitors will have an opportunity to explore the island’s spectacular beauty while also taking in a few very special festival performances.

#4 Unique Accommodations

St. Andrews may very well have the highest percentage of bed & breakfasts, inns and hotels anywhere in the province, at least in relation to the size of the community! Whether you prefer modern amenities like indoor pools, saunas and fine dining or fancy a quiet cottage on the water, you’ll find it all in St. Andrews and all within walking distance of Paddlefest venues and activities.

#5 Escape the City

One of the most treasured traits of this beautiful by-the-sea community is the fact that with few exceptions, St. Andrews exists in a world all its own. The community has a long history attracting artists of all disciplines who come seeking inspiration and leave completely rejuvenated while others choose to make St. Andrews their home, forever drawn to the notion that communities can thrive without surrendering their identity in the name of progress.


This year’s festival lineup is already impressive and there are so many artists still to be announced. So far, organizers have announced Joel Plaskett Emergency, Old Man Luedecke, Les Hay Babies, TUNS, Kill Chicago, Earthbound Trio, Sorrey, and The Brood, with new announcements happening every Friday leading up to the complete lineup announcement on March 21.

To learn more about the artists and activities planned for Paddlefest 2017, and for up to date info on passes and tickets, visit

See you in May!


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