Film Screenings at Third Space Gallery

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A matinee screening of two independent films will take place Saturday January 28.

Third Space GallerySaint John’s highly active artist-run-centre, Third Space Gallery will present the work of two independent Canadian filmmakers this Saturday with screenings of Pat Bonner’s 2016 film Bad Noise and Et-Tu Dude? by Travis Welowszky.

Bad Noise is a short film about a young musician who, after a bout of performance anxiety, brings a grizzled karaoke star into her band.

Et-Tu Dude? is set against the backdrop of a fading, post-industrial London, Ontario, an uncelebrated underclass of Do-It-Yourself musicians stare down a bleak  future while searching for meaning in their community. Revelations and catharsis for their powerful histories are revealed only in an underground venue circuit of dimly lit basements, sleazy apartments, and empty art galleries as they continue to go virtually unnoticed by a placid, indifferent city. Et Tu, Dude? serves as an intimate documentation of small-town Canadian musicians screaming unheard into the void.

Shot primarily over the course of a year, Et Tu, Dude? documents the lives of unappreciated musicians running an underground venue circuit in the fading, post-industrial Canadian city of London, Ontario. Providing a genuine sense of intimacy and a collection of music that soundtracks the city’s underclass, the film is as much a music documentary as it is a sociological lens into the lives of a generation facing disparity and uncertainty while navigating towards the future. Et Tu Dude? showcases the brash, outspoken art of a community historically left screaming into the void.

Film Screenings at Third Space Gallery | Saturday January 28, 2017 | 2 p.m. | 89 Canterbury Street, Suite 407, Saint John, NB

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