Figures and Portraits on display at Gallery 78

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Gallery 78’s current exhibition encourages audiences to consider portraiture and figurative art’s place in the modern age. 

Leticia Echlin, Blond Woman (verso: Woods Scene) by Pegi Nicol MacLeod.
Matt Carter 

Figures and Portraits, the latest exhibition at Gallery 78 poses an important question: In a time of easy access to technology and platforms that exalt us and others, is there really a need for portraiture and figurative art at all? To serve this question, the gallery has assembled an impressive array of artists and unique approaches to portraiture, each a statement on and a reflection of the many possibilities that can take shape when mediums and surfaces are brought together with skill and intent.

Figures and Portraits features work by Jessie Babin, Bruno Bobak, Miller Brittain, Eric Budovitch, Céline Genest, Herzel Kashetsky, Stephen May, Pegi Nicol MacLeod, David Porter, Steven Rhude, Ingrid Seyffer, and James Wilson. 

To discover for yourself the answer to the question, “is there really a need for portraiture and figurative art,” the gallery invites the public to stop by and experience these collected works in-person. Bring a friend. Start a discussion. Seek your own answers. Ask new questions. After all, a trip to the gallery can be a lot more than just “a trip to the gallery.” Go get inspired!

Figures and Portraits will be on display at Gallery 78 until July 29. 

BONUS: Enjoy special treats and live painting by Amber Leger at Gallery 78 during Fredericton’s Gallery Hop on Wednesday, July 12 from 5 – 8 p.m.

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Cover image: Nymphe Nocturne by Céline Genest. 

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