The Falling Leaves set to release their debut, ‘Unfurl’.

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The band will celebrate the release of their debut album on April 28, donating a portion of album sales in support the Conservation Council of New Brunswick.

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Like a lot of artists who call New Brunswick home, Fredericton musician Alex Green credits the province’s vast forests and sprawling natural beauty for the creative inspiration they offer.

“I’ve been inspired creatively by nature for as long as I’ve been making art of any kind,” said Green. “To me, the forests of New Brunswick have so much more to offer as a living, thriving ecosystem than just as a resource to exploit.”

Green and his bandmates in The Falling Leaves will release their debut recording, Unfurl, with a performance on April 28 at The Capital Complex.  The group will also be donating twenty percent of the revenue from album’s sales directly to the Conservation Council of New Brunswick

“We wanted to see if there was a more tangible way we could make an impact,” said Green. “Liam [Keith-Jacques] got in touch with a friend who works with the Conservation Council and they thought it was a great idea.”

The songs on Unfurl cover Green’s complete musical history with some dating back to before the idea of fronting a band was something he’s thought about.

“There’s definitely a bit of history in the songs on this album,” said Green. Most of them were actually written before the band was even an idea, back when I was just playing them as an acoustic solo act. The opening track Matter of Time was actually the first song I ever wrote.”

The Falling Leaves finds Green performing alongside some of Fredericton’s busiest musicians. Scott Michaud, Patrick Gushue, Calum Jackson and Liam Keith-Jacques perform together as The Montgomery Street Band. Drummer and percussionist Andrew Spurway (also of The Delirious Monks) rounds out the group’s lineup.

With members each involved in several performing acts (Keith-Jacques and Gushue are also members of The Crossroad Devils), Green cites the group’s wide range of interests and musical pursuits as helping to bring his songs to a new level.

“When I started jamming with Patrick [Gushue] we knew right away there was something there,” said Green. “The rest of the boys all joined one at a time until it became the six piece band it is now. One of the interesting parts about this band to me is that the songs have developed with each member that joined writing their own parts, it’s been very freeform in that way.”

Unfurl was recorded in Fredericton at Marshall Studios by engineer Jay Merle.

The Falling Leaves – album release show w/ The Fundy Drifters | April 28 | The Capital Complex | 10 p.m. | View Event

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