FAA Summer Residencies present Cheryl Lavigne

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This week’s Fredericton Arts Alliance Summer Residency finds painter Cheryl Lavigne working throughout various city locations.

All photos related to this feature have been borrowed from Cheryl’s Facebook page. Link down below.

Cheryl Lavigne will be painting in different locations in the Fredericton area during her residency, and will be “connecting to people who are connecting to their environment.” She will create a single finished piece on each outing, using mixed media with a focus on painting and sketching. Weather permitting, the pieces will be done outdoors. Lavigne will be painting portraits and scenes which will include other people within various natural settings around the city. 

Lavigne’s work centers on nature and how people interact with it. She will respond to the theme of “Looking Inward, Looking Outward” by looking into her personal growth and healing by connecting to her environment and those who share it. Her paintings and drawings will capture the experiences of community members sharing the natural environment.

Lavigne is a mixed-media artist, who is drawn to nature and organic forms. She is interested in arts education, wellness, and ecology. Her artwork often focuses on visual details of the forest floor.

Follow her work created during this residency through the links below.

Fredericton Arts Alliance | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER 


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