Exploring the City in Five Songs

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Fredericton songwriter Jason Anderson to draw upon Fredericton’s natural surroundings as inspiration for three-week artist residency.  

Singer-songwriter Jason Anderson will be an artist in residence with the City of Fredericton from August 16 – September 3.

Since the beginning of the summer, Fredericton has played host to a number of artists in residence working in parks and outdoor spaces across the city, with others creating and sharing their work online. Both the City of Fredericton and the Fredericton Arts Alliance have been running artist in residence programs covering a wide range of disciplines from weaving and painting to songwriting and playwriting. 

As the City’s artist in residence program enters its final weeks, singer-songwriter Jason Anderson begins a three week residency during which he will synthesize his art and interests into a celebration of music, nature, and community engagement through his project: Forests, Fredericton. This project will be deeply rooted in the surroundings with field recordings and site-specific moods. Five unique songs will be written, composed, and performed online throughout the residency. At the end of the residency, Jason will perform his five-song suite in an outdoor concert, which will also be livestreamed. 

Follow Jason online for regular updates and performances throughout his residency – August 16 – September 3. 

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