Exes for Eyes tour East Coast.

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exesIt’s no secret that touring the East Coast equates to more time spent behind the wheel than on the stage. Although not nearly as daunting as parts of the Prairies or the seemly endless drive through Ontario, touring the Maritimes isn’t for the faint of heart. Thankfully, for those of us who live here, many bands make a strong connection with East Coast audiences and after their first time hoping from Fredericton to Moncton to Saint John to Charlottetown and Halifax, the positive experiences and the friendships they make are often the inspiration for their return.

“The music scene is vibrant and very much alive all over the East Coast,” says Exes for Eyes vocalist Big James, who first got a taste of east coast hospitality touring the circuit with his former band, Endast. “I’ve played some of the best gigs of my life out there, especially in Fredericton.”

His current project, Exes for Eyes, came together roughly four years ago before the demise of Endast. What initially started off as a side project has now become the main focus for James and his band mates.

“Our guitar player Dave and I have been friends for years playing in other bands,” said James. “When we decided to work together on this project, he brought on board a couple of guys that he has known for many years, Aaron Spink, our drummer, and Graham Porter, our bass player. I barely knew those guys going into this, but we immediately hit it off.”

Exes for Eyes are currently touring in support of their 2014 release Tongues Like Figure Eights (available online for just $1) and road testing some new music. They’ve also got a new album in the works, expected to surface in early 2016.

Exes for Eyes+Spinesplitter+Scrumlord | The Capital Complex | November 16, 2015 | 9:30 p.m. | $7




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