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A new season of workshops from the New Brunswick Filmmaker’s Co-operative is now underway.

Tired of all those flashy YouTube filmmaking tutorials that leave more questions than answers? If so, look no further than the current slate of workshops on tap from the New Brunswick Filmmaker’s Co-operative. 

For the past forty years, the NBFC have been assisting new, emerging and established filmmakers with everything from technical support and networking opportunities to public screenings and education in the art of filmmaking. One of the Co-operative’s best resources are the many workshops offered each year covering the whys and hows of telling stories with pictures. 

Here’s a quick peek at what’s coming up this month. Check out the whole list on workshops happening between now and June by visiting the NBFC. 

Coming up in March:

March 6 | Documentary 101 – How to Make Sure Your Doc is Interesting and Serves a Purpose

March 13 | A Brief Intro to Making Short Films

March 16 | Intro to the AD on Set

March 20 | Intro Tips for Composing for Film 

March 23 | Intro – Decisions, Decisions: in the Edit Suite

All of these workshops are presented free of charge. 

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