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Local Theatre Company Host Open Workshops April 2, 2015

11083592_361964850655747_5347030378567986613_nImaginary Circumstances Theatre will be hosting a series of one-hour workshops this Thursday at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre. The evening’s program will touch on a variety of key theatre skills including stage management, actor auditions and character development.

“Fredericton really lacks in theatrical workshops,” said ICT’s artistic director Alex Donovan. “There’s an incredible tradition set by the NB Film Co-op for film workshops. They host dozens of quality workshops throughout the year. On the theatre side of things though, there are hardly any. It’s actually quite surprising considering the insane amount of theatre that goes on in this town.”

The evening event begins with a workshop facilitated by ICT’s Crystal Chettiar, exploring the crucial role stage management plays in the overall delivery of a production. Justine Koroscil will then share some helpful advice on how to best prepare for an audition.

“Crystal and Justine are great examples of those who have studied theatre outside of Fredericton,” said Donovan. “Both are graduates from Mount A and have been extensively involved in the theatre and music scenes here in the city. Crystal has worked as stage manager for our previous production this season and has been accepted to Banff’s Opera Stage Management program this summer. She’s a jack of all trades when it comes to theatre, a talented actor, technician and production manager.

“Justine is a fantastic musician and singer who teaches voice lessons here in the city. She has been fervently rehearsing with her new band and worked as costume designer on our last production. She is an incredible authority on voice and has a wealth of knowledge on auditioning and song choice that I’m personally excited to learn more about.”

Donovan hopes that by creating development opportunities like these, more local theatre companies will get involved and decide to host their own training initiatives for the betterment of the city’s broader community.

“I think that local theatre companies should really come together to try and give workshop opportunities throughout the year,” he said. “It would be amazing to see all the theatre companies meet together to discuss what skills are lacking in the community and what workshops might be needed. We’re hoping to ask a few questions of our participants to see what types of workshops they would like to see offered in the future. Hopefully we’ll get some good information out of this that we can share with the theatre community to use as a first step for creating more workshops.”

A Trio of Theatre Workshops | Charlotte Street Arts Centre | April 2, 2015 | 7:30pm | More Info

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