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Beard Springsteen release full length debut and plot first live shows.

Matt Carter | @m_j_c73

On February 1, Fredericton punk outfit, Beard Springsteen, released their first full length album, Downer Punks of Fredericton, featuring eight catchy, upbeat, guitar-driven songs that convey the darker side of love and relationships.  It’s an impressive addition to the band’s fast-growing body of work, following three previous EPs . What’s even more impressive is that fact that the album was recorded and released all in a week’s time.

“I hate the recording process,” said guitarist and vocalist Jean-Étienne Sheehy, who first founded Beard Springsteen as a solo recording project before recently teaming up with drummer Josh Steeves.  “I hate having to sit down with something for a few months and just wait for it to come out. I get really excited about what I do so, when I got the opportunity to record at the Arts Centre I was like, ‘let’s make things happen really quickly’.  I got in touch with Josh and was like, ‘alright man, let’s do an album.  Let’s to it really quickly and not fuck around’.”

Sheehy and Steeves set up their gear and recorded eight tracks on a Monday evening.  By Tuesday they had some rough mixes done and then added guitar overdubs a few days later. Six days after recording, Downer Punks of Fredericton was posted and available for download.

“It’s the whole DIY, 1980’s, no-fucks-given approach,” said Sheehy.  “It was a refreshing change of pace from sitting on something, which is fine if you follow that route,” added Steeves. “In jumping on this, we only practiced a handful of times.  The songs were written so I could just come in and JE had the songs down pat.  There was a certain energy going into that recording I hadn’t always had before.”

Beard Springsteen will play their first live show in Sackville, New Brunswick on March 4.  Fredericton dates (and probably more new music) to follow.

“JE shoots songs out like Robert Pollard or someone,” said Steeves, “so we’ll probably have another recording out by the summer.”

Upcoming Shows:

March 4, 2016 (TBA) Sackville, NB | March 23, 2016 (Feels Good Battle of the Bands) Fredericton | May 31, 2016 (TBA) Fredericton

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