On Display: Gallery 78

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Gallery 78 is currently exhibiting ‘Under Glass’, a collection of work by Andrew Henderson on display until April 15.

Artist Andrew Henderson returns with a fresh collection of work Under Glass that will be on display until April 15. Continuing his use of Mason jars filled with various objects to preserve as one of his subjects, Andrew’s paintings also depict a range of glass objects. This exhibition is bright and lively, and features many spring symbols such as tulips, teacups, jam-filled jars, fruit, and colourful marbles, all reminiscent of a sunny day of leisure and play. 

Simultaneously, Gallery 78’s exhibition Artist’s Choice features new works by Réjean Roy, Stephen May, Amber Leger, Cliff Turner, David McKay, Colin Hugh Smith, Peggy Smith, Steven Rhude, Richard Montpetit and Sonya Mahnic. 

Gallery 78 |  796 Queen St, Fredericton, NB E3B 1C6 | www.gallery78.com 

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