DenMother’s Slightly Drones

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Sabarah Pilon breaks form with latest DenMother EP, an experiment in tone and structure.

Matt Carter

One of the things that has always made each new release from Sabarah Pilon’s project Denmother worth checking out is her willingness to experiment, make bold choices, and then build her compositions around these two important and far too neglected aspects of the creative process. Everything she releases ties together something familiar with something unexpected. It could be the way she pairs a familiar melodic structure with an unpredictable vocal phrase, or something the complete opposite. And over her many albums, EPs and singles, it is this desire to try new things that has helped set Pilon’s work apart from other electronic music makers. 

For her latest release, Slightly Drones, Pilon presents a series of experiments that blend vocal improvisations with minimalist song structures. Shifting between darkness and light, form and chaos, the four songs on this EP cover a vast range of emotion and feel. Pilon’s common lyrical themes of love and isolation are largely absent from this recording, replaced by a series of tones, sung and manipulated. When paired with contrasting, drone-driven melodies, Slightly Drones offers listeners a different side of her creative process.  Over her many releases Pilon has continued to demonstrate her willingness to push herself in new creative directions and this release might be the most ambitious yet.

Whether a hint at things to come of simply a one-off collection that contrasts beautifully with her back catalogue, Pilon’s work is always an enjoyable listen and this release is no exception. 


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