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Cursees Connect near completion of debut full-length recording.

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“It’s a bit stressful but in a good way,” said guitarist/vocalist Mathieu Emond.  “Getting busier only means things are going well.”

It’s been a fairly busy summer for the members of Cursees Connect, who have been in and out of the studio over the past few months laying down tracks for their debut album. But despite spending a lot of time “in the booth”, they managed to squeeze in a few shows here and there over the summer, including a trip to Charlottetown for a gig at Baba’s Lounge.

“We played at Baba’s Lounge with Charlottetown experimental rockers, Mindwaves,” said Emond. “It was a fantastic show. We had great chemistry between the two bands, so much so that we’re booking shows together whenever possible from now on.  We also played at ReNeu Boutique in August, with Cedric Noel, Devon Sproul and Bernice. That was also a great show. We love the vibe at ReNeu – it’s such a cool place to play.”

The band have just about wrapped up work on their album which will feature 12 songs.  The album is expected to be released in late fall.

“The rest of the summer was pretty much spent tracking the new album,” said Emond.  “We are close to being done, but it was a very extensive process.  I was lucky enough to be able to track most of the instruments at my place.  The drums were done at A Major Sound’s Shell Lane studio.  When all is done, the tracks will be sent back to Paul [Milner] and he’ll take care of mixing and mastering.”

With a new album on the horizon, Cursees Connect will be out on the road over the next few weeks working some new material into their set. And this week marks the group’s debut performance at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, an opportunity that they’re incredibly excited about.

“We’re really grateful that we were offered this opportunity,” said Emond. “It’s a tough place to get in and we’ll make the best of it.  It’s one of our favorite events in Fredericton, along with Frostival and Shivering Songs, so being part of it makes it even more enticing!”

Catch Cursees Connect in action:

Stephen Lewis+Cursees Connect+Beach Body | Fredericton’s Own Stage | Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival | September 18, 2015
Cursees Connect | Le Deck | Edmundston, NB | September 25, 2015
Cursees Connect+Mindwaves | Plan B | Moncton, NB | October 2, 2015

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