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Halifax pop-punk trio playing two New Brunswick shows in April.

Photo: Elyse Moir via Facebook.
Photo: Elyse Moir via Facebook.

Halifax trio Crossed Wires will be hitting the road April for a four-province tour that includes shows in Moncton (April 7 – Claude’s House) and Fredericton (April 11 – Read’s Newsstand and Café).

Since releasing their 2014 self-titled debut, Crossed Wires have been playing their own brand of three-chord rock that bears a strong resemblance to the buzz sounds of the 1990s that once put Halifax at the forefront of alternative music for a hot minute.

“We’re all really into the music that came from that time, but we’ve never set out to fall into that niche or really pull influence from it as much as you’d think,” the band said in a statement to Grid City Magazine. “We wouldn’t say we fall to far away from fitting in with a lot of newer bands that are directly influenced from that era though.”

With a sound that bears strong similarities to such 90s indie giants as Jawbreaker, Superchunk and Dinosaur Jr, Crossed Wires embrace the sonic diversity that exists out East these days and are completely at home playing shows sandwiched between shoe gaze and metal.

“Being a pop punk band in Halifax is a little weird,” they said. “There’s not many other bands doing what we’re doing, but at the same time not everyone is completely dissimilar to us. It seems that the music we play is something all of our friends are into but none necessarily play. This makes the shows we play very interesting because they’ll range from bands like Soft Spot (scrappy shoegaze), to Botfly (loud noise-rock) and almost everything in between.

“The music scenes as a whole on the East Coast are pretty small as of late, so you play with a lot of bands that differ from you almost every show you play. Which is kind of a cool atmosphere that doesn’t necessarily happen in larger cities.”

New Brunswick Shows:

Crossed Wires + We Need Secrets + Last Museum +Slow Fight | April 7, 2017 | Claude’s House | Moncton | All-ages | View Event

Crossed Wires + Sam Salmon + Body Parts | April 11, 2017 | Read’s Newsstand and Café | Fredericton | All-ages | View Event


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