Counting on Downstairs: Weighters

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Minimal instrumentation, field recordings and collected samples combine to make Counting on Downstairs’ first album in more than six years a rewarding journey well worth the weight.

Matt Carter 

Texture and mood define each new collection of recordings from Counting on Downstairs aka Eric Hill. His early full length releases, Carleton (2016) and Alpha (2017) follow an exploration of thematic tones linked through manipulation and common character. Working in close partnership with the stark images on each album’s cover, Hill’s music finds strength in its subtlety, revealing hidden conversations and highlighting the role our imagination can play in the loosely established relationship that exists between an artist and their audience. It’s no wonder his music has been used for theatre productions, in films, and on podcasts. Hill’s ability to trigger curiosity and craft unique worlds help make each new release a welcomed journey into the unknown.  

After a break spanning more than six years during which time Hill focused much of his attention towards releasing music by a range of artists through his imprint Patient Records, his latest album Weighters stands as his most cohesive release to date. Drawing upon familiar themes and means, Weighters unfolds like any good story should. Characters are introduced and challenges presented and gradually overcome, all within a world involving minimal instrumentation, field recordings and collected samples skillfully placed to construct a 45 minute collage involving equal portions of comfort and unease.  

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