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Connor Fox celebrates the release of his debut album Music Room with a show at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre on February 29. 

Matt Carter 

Fredericton guitarist Connor Fox released his debut album, Music Room, in November of last year. Shortly after, he teamed up with the MRTI Agency to announce a live performance featuring many of the songs featured on the album. That show is set to take place February 29 at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre. 

The album takes its name from a constant in Fox’s life – a space dedicated solely to exploring music through listening and playing. 

“Even as a little kid, my dad always made it a priority to have a room dedicated just to music equipment,” said Fox, speaking with MRTI Radio host Rob Pinnock. “That was where I learned to play the guitar, and when I moved out and got my own place I wanted to have that same idea. All those music rooms I have had were where I wrote and recorded all the songs on this album.”

Fox is a member of The Hypochondriacs and plays in a few tribute acts performing music by the Grateful Dead and Stevie Ray Vaughan. His show on February 29 will be his first time singing and playing his own material live.

He credits the tribute shows for helping develop his singing voice which features prominently on Music Room

“I’ve got a little bit more comfortable in front of the mic, which is nice,” said Fox. “But it does change a little bit when they are not cover songs that you love but your own songs.”

For this performance, Fox has assembled a group featuring several of his close musical collaborators, another first for the guitarist.  

“I did feel a little bit nervous about being the guy that’s fully in charge,” he said. “But it definitely helps when you’ve got musicians that you trust.”

Listen to Fox’s entire MRTI Radio interview here

Tickets are still available for the show. Details below.

Connor Fox Album Release Party | February 29 | Charlotte Street Arts Centre | 7:30 p.m. | Buy Tickets

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