Connexion ARC Host Open Programming Meeting Tonight

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Get involved in Fredericton’s longest running artist-run-centre

nov14_connexion_logoConnection ARC is Fredericton’s only artist-run centre focused on contemporary art, regularly welcoming engaging and experimental artists and ideas. This Monday, February 9, 2015, they are hosting a programming meeting open to the public, to discuss future projects and planning.

“We’re going to sit down together and decide what we want to do in the coming weeks and months at Connexion,” said Sophia Bartholonew, the centre’s Associate Director. “Anyone who’s interested is welcome to join us. We’re an artist-run space, so the shape and character of what we’re doing changes depending on who gets involved.”

Recent projects facilitated by the centre include Revel In It, an exhibition exploring the ubiquitous presence of digital media, and two exhibits in The Fredericton Playhouse, Introducing Hilda Kelly and A Boat Sinks.

“Some things are already in the works,” said Bartholomew. “Shift Work has an exhibition up in our project space right now at The Fredericton Playhouse, so we’re planning a vernissage for that; as an artist-in-residence for the month of March, Marilyn Volkman is bringing her project NEO Craft to Fredericton, and she’s looking to work with artists locally.”

There are also a number of workshops in the works and performances planned for the coming months.

“Hugh Thomas and Jeramy Dodds are organizing a Poetic Experiments in Inter-Linguistic Miscommunication workshop this month, and Henry Adam Svec is hosting a Laboratory of Imaginary Media Research workshop. Tate LeJeune is planning some music shows in our space, and is always looking for collaborators, if anyone wants to have a hand in that. We’ve got lots to talk about.”

Connexion ARC is an important part of the city’s cultural makeup and this meeting presents a great opportunity to become involved.

Tea, coffee, snacks will be provided. Beer on tap, by donation.

Connexion ARC | Charlotte Street Arts Centre | 732 Charlotte Street | 7:00PM – 8:00PM | View Event
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