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Let You Down is the first single released from a new series of artists collaboration organized by Hampton-based producer Nick Fowler (FWLR) which features Fredericton rapper Hinch, Gaspereau Falls’ electro-synth wizard Philip Clark (SHRIMP Ring), and Saint John roots rocker Jamie Comeau. 

Matt Carter 

Who doesn’t love a good studio collaboration? 

Last week saw the release of Let You Down, a laid back hip hop single featuring Fredericton rapper Hinch (Mat Hinchey), Gaspereau Falls’ electro-synth wizard Philip Clark (SHRIMP Ring), and Saint John roots rocker Jamie Comeau. The track is the first to surface from a series of writer’s camps hosted by Hampton-based producer Nick Fowler (FWLR). To date, Fowler’s Kollab Sessions have resulted in 18 new songs written, recorded and produced in a single day at his TEKnology Productions studio. Let You Down is the first from this latest series of writing sessions. 

“The three of us got put in a room and were told to create a song,” said Hinch. “We had from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. and created the track from scratch, blending the three of our styles together. Phil made the drums and did some of the mixing on the project and dropped a verse. Jamie played the guitar, dropped vocals on the bridge after Phil’s verse and helped write parts of the hook. I wrote the majority of the hook and started it all off with the first verse.”

Fowler has been writing his own music at similar writer’s camps over the past five years before finally deciding to try something similar at his own studio. 

“I invite musicians and writers into the two production rooms in my studio and give them eight hours to write and record a full song,” said Fowler, whose music has over 120,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone. “Each room has three people in it. At least one producer and at least one vocalist. I work out the scheduling and put the most interesting combination of people in each room as I can, even if they might not fit on paper or even know each other.

“I’ve done two of these camps so far and have 18 songs from the two camps, all of which are incredible, honestly,” he said.

Fowler says he works from a “big dirty spreadsheet” of artists and just reaches out to anyone he thinks might be a good fit for the sessions. In addition to making his space available for spur of the moment creativity, he also provides coffee and food to fuel the process. 

“Sometimes I’m just like, ‘well, let’s see what the fuck happens with this.” 

Fowler plans to continue releasing new songs from his Kollab Sessions with two scheduled for release in November.  Keep your ears open. 

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