Cold Cuts Video Festival

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A Critique and Embrace of Pop Culture and Mass Media

istvan-kantor-performance2The presence of digital media and the online world is now ubiquitous. Its relevance is unquestioned. Its scope is poignant and inescapable – and we must revel in it! From November 6-20, Connexion ARC will host the Cold Cuts Video Festival on tour from Dawson City, Yukon. Curated by Nicole Rayburn, this year’s theme, Revel in It!, explores the world of pop culture and mass media, through the work of artists who are enveloped by it, who wallow in it, and who from within its spectrum, reflect on the possibilities of social reconfiguration and the plurality of identity, offering both a critique of contemporary culture and a shameless and simultaneous embrace.

Exhibiting artists include: Ryan Trecartin; Pipilotti Rist; Kent Monkman; Stephen Andrews & John Greyson; Istvan Kantor; Kelly Richardson; Jeremy Bailey; and Lisa Birke. Videos will be on exhibit at Connexion ARC, and at various locations in the downtown see for details.

Join us on November 1h at 7pm, for a reception and one-time screening of Ryan Trecartin’s feature length experimental video I-BE Area at Connexion ARC’s mainspace gallery. Admission is free.

As an artist-run centre located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Connexion ARC is a growing, dynamic community of people dedicated to contemporary art, and to emerging and experimental artists and ideas.

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