CHSR Sessions Are Back on the Air

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CHSR recently rebooted their Sessions series with a new look and a new and improved location – Studio D.

Session with Keegan Dobbelsteyn
Session with Keegan Dobbelsteyn

“We had been hosting Sessions for a couple years,” said host Erin Bond. “Sessions is a combination of interview and live performance that we record live off the floor and air at a later date.  Our guests were mostly bands touring though Fredericton looking to get a little airtime. We loved it because every band has a story. Music sounds best when played live, and the pressure is off where it’s a pre-recorded live set.  Then suddenly we had the water damage and everything came to a screeching halt.”

After a well-documented disaster resulting from a mid-winter thaw caused extensive damage to the station, almost putting an end to Fredericton’s most important community voice, CHSR and it’s popular Sessions series are back to good health.

“14 months later, we have Sessions off the ground again,” said Bond.  “This time with a performance studio a little over twice the size, now with air conditioning and enough room to bring in an audience in to watch the performance.  So far we have hosted three Sessions with the fourth taking place this Friday.”

Looking ahead, Bond says the plan for developing future episodes of Sessions is pretty simple.

“The plans are just to get bands in and recorded,” she said. “Especially those who are passing through town without a place to play in Fredericton.”

Follow CHSR Sessions online to learn about upcoming guests and how you can be part of the experience. And tune in Thursdays at 5:00PM to listen to the latest show.

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