Chris Scribner Releases Debut Single

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a4131330875_10“I wrote my first single Talk To Me about a year ago and have spent quite a long time tweaking it to the best that it can be,” said Fredericton musician Chris Scribner.  “It is the first song of my own that I have recorded in years, and was recorded at 2 Dogs Productions.  I play every instrument on the track besides the drums.”

Talk to Me has a smooth, straight-ahead feel, highlighting Scribner’s strength as a vocalist and a musician with a thorough understanding of pop music structure. It’s also incredibly catchy.

“The main riff of the song is so fun to play, I never get tired of it,” he said.

The track was co-produced with 2 Dogs Productions’ owner/engineer Gilles Roger, with Scribner handling the majority of the arrangements.

“I did have about 90% of the arrangement done on the song before heading in to record. Gilles and I work great together. He was very helpful in offering little tweaks to make the arrangement shine all over and is not afraid to speak up when he doesn’t like something. If not for him, the ending to my track would not be nearly as smooth, so I am very thankful for his work on this project.”

Scribner is working towards a debut EP which he plans to release later this year.

“There are quite a few other ideas that I have that I feel are worth recording and would love to release them eventually as well.”

In the meantime, Scribner hopes begin taking his music out of the studio and onto local stages.

“I’m hoping to get a band together and start performing live,” he said.  “I will be looking to perform live both solo and with a band starting in the near future.

Expect some new music to surface in the near future.

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