Chillteens Start 2021 with New Single

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Chillteens continue to dial in their own brand of dreamy, psych-rock with their latest single, Green Tea.

Matt Carter

Green Tea, the new single from the Fredericton quartet Chillteens, sets an optimistic tone for the new year pairing a catchy melody with an easy pace that together, go a long way in conjuring up the effortless sense of comfort we’ve all been craving these past many months. With a solid sense of space, clever progressions and seamless changes in tempo, Green Tea leads the listener by the hand along a twisted path that eventually arrives right back where the journey began, with a simple melodic phrase that somehow manages to say so much. 

This new self-produced single (with drums tracked by Dylan Ward at Shiftwork) hints towards what we can expect from the group’s forthcoming album due to arrive later this year. 

The record is close to being done,” says Chillteens co-founder Oscar Tecu. “Releasing this single was a very last minute decision on our part but we thought we’d end/start the year by sharing a sample of what we’ve worked on this year.”

Green Tea is available now on all major music streaming services. 


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