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We get an update from one of Fredericton’s longest running independent theatre companies.

Paul Wallis

Nasty Shadows Theatre Company occupy a unique position within the Fredericton theatre community.  Unlike many other theatre companies, the Shadows dismiss the need to present an annual season of programming choosing instead to surface only when the time is right and the work is ready.

The company’s last production, In On It by Daniel MacIvor, received six performances across a three city tour during January and February of 2017.  After the show’s final performance at Théâtre l’Escaouette’s studio in Moncton on February 4, the Shadows returned to the shadows to write, to dream and to plot the next chapter in the company’s impressive history.

“The focus of late has been on writing and playing, which will continue to be the focus, but I also want to offer performances for public consumption,” said Shadows member Scott Shannon, in a recent update from the company. “This coming year will hopefully find a mix of both as work continues on developing First Last Noise! for solo performance. I will also be working with a yet-to-be-named collaborator to create a solo performance piece based on the writings of one of Nasty Shadows’ favourite playwrights. Stay tuned for more on that as the year unfolds.”

Currently guided by the work and imagination of three Fredericton theatre artists – Michael Holmes-Lauder, Scott Shannon and Matthew Spinney – NSTC has been creating theatre since 1999 and have produced nearly 30 plays for audiences in Fredericton with occasional performances in Moncton and Saint John. In that time, the company has welcomed an impressive cast of regional theatre talent to the stage including Rebekah Chassé, Elizabeth Goodyear, Ryan Griffith, Ian Goff and Jake Martin to name just a few (you can read a more comprehensive list of Shadow’s past here).

To learn more about current works in development, to catch upcoming production news, or to become a Shadow, visit NSTC online at

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