Cellarghost at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival

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A photo essay by Fredericton musician/journalist Jerry-Faye. 

Four piece band Cellarghost was formed in 2012, with members Carter Boyle (lead vocals, guitar), Luke Wilson (bass), Charles Harding (drums), and Colin Bonner (guitar, vocals). 

In their basement jam spot on Charlotte street, the band prepares for their Harvest show later that evening at the Capital Complex.
(Pictured, Charles Harding)

This practice was their first one back together in a while. Two of the band members, Harding and Wilson, have just moved to Montreal. Bonner is moving to Edinburgh mid October.
(Pictured, Luke Wilson)

Boyle, lead singer and songwriter of Cellarghost, is staying in Fredericton and finishing up a Master of Science degree in Engineering. 
(Pictured, Carter Boyle)

In 2015, the members of Cellarghost all moved to Fredericton to write and record their debut album “In the Whiteout.” This year, that album got a spot on the 2017 Longer List for the Polaris Music Prize.
(Pictured, Colin Bonner)

Since having their first show in 2014, Cellarghost have played many festivals in and around the Fredericton area. Some include the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, Shivering Songs, Flourish, and the Shifty Bits Circus. This is the second time Cellarghost has played Harvest. 
(Pictured, Carter Boyle)

On Facebook, Cellarghost describes their genre as “post-punk revival,” Boyle named Neutral Milk Hotel as the band that inspired him to start writing music after hearing their “dreamlike songwriting with ageless melodies.”

“Cellarghost is a precious thing to me that I don’t think I’ll have with another band. I love my bandmates and couldn’t ask for better. They are all insanely talented, creative people and I wish them the best on all of their endeavours. I hope we can keep writing and playing music together.” -Carter Boyle
(Pictured, Colin Bonner and Carter Boyle)

Click here to listen to Cellarghost on Bandcamp
(Pictured left to right, Charles Harding, Carter Boyle, Colin Bonner, Luke Wilson)

Click here to find Cellarghost on Facebook
(Pictured left to right, Charles Harding, Carter Boyle, Colin Bonner, Luke Wilson)

Before the group parts ways for the foreseeable future, they have one more show together at the Perish festival on October 6th at the Capital Complex. 
(Pictured left to right, Charles Harding, Carter Boyle, Luke Wilson, Colin Bonner)

Words and images by Jerry-Faye.

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