Captain III Drops New Track

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Hints at more new material in the works.

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New music from Captain III surfaced over the weekend. The Fredericton-based rapper/producer and Shifty Bits Cult alumni posted the track Knew on his Facebook page Saturday, and is hinting towards a series of new tracks planned for the coming months.

“At this point, I’d say that this track is foreshadowing for the direction I’m heading, with the sound and the way I release things,” he said.   “I’m trying to do a few stand alone tracks like this, moving forward.”

Since releasing his ambitious, sample-heavy debut, Twin, last year, Captain III has been making a conscience effort to focus more of his time on producing tracks from the ground up, choosing to write more of his own melodies rather than building tracks around sampled content (although Set on You is pretty damn catchy).

“It’s a lot more challenging,” he said, “and it forces you to work more on tones and mixing, rather than leaning on the texture and production of the sample.”

New direction brings new inspiration. In addition to broadening his palette as a producer, he also plans to shift away from the full-length format for the time being and instead plans to release a few individual standalone tracks in the coming months.

“I’m trying to do something different, because I’ve always worked in terms of projects before. Change is important for me.”

Listen to Knew from Captain III.

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