Comedian Melody Johnson brings her one-woman show to the Fredericton

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Person of Interest will be offered as a pay-what-you-will performance on Nov. 18.

Each season the Fredericton Playhouse offers a selection of shows with tickets available as Pay-What-You-Will pricing. This month, audiences are invited to see Canadian comedian Melody Johnson’s one woman performance, Person of Interest, as part of this annual series. 

Everybody knows there are good neighbours, and there are bad neighbours. This is the story of the latter. Written and performed by Johnson, Person of Interest is based on true events (with comedic embellishments) that will have you thanking your lucky stars if you have decent neighbours!

Person of Interest is the tale of a good, law-abiding citizen who hoped to volunteer in her community and so applied for a police background check. It was at that point when she discovered she had a record and was considered a Person of Interest – courtesy of the folks next door.

Tickets for Pay What You Will performances must still be reserved by calling the box office or visiting in person. 

Person of Interest | Nov. 18 | Fredericton Playhouse | 7:30 p.m. | View Event 

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