Butcher Have Released Another New Single

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Saint John trio Butcher continue to tease forthcoming EP with latest single, Too Dumb.

Matt Carter 

Now it all makes sense. I’ve been chatting with the members of Butcher off and on for a few months now via Facebook Messenger. The conversation began in late May a few days before they released, Deus Ex Taxin Ya, their first new single in four years. During our initial chats, members Cole Savoie, Colin Ferris, and Joe Brown kept throwing around the word “dumb” in their responses to my questions. Brown described the title of the band’s last single as being, “a dumb play on words.” To which Ferris replied, “I’d say taking dumb things and making them great is becoming our specialty.”  I just chalked it up as the usual poorly veiled self-deprecation many musicians employ when talking about their music. But now, looking back, they may have been dropping subtle hints about their second single, Too Dumb, which arrived today on streaming services. 

Too Dumb is a departure from the brash, high volume onslaught I’ve come to expect from Butcher. Trading their time-tested, in-your-face approach for a much softer collection of tones (there’s even a few perfectly placed backing vocals by Kortni Nicols!), Too Dumb opens up a whole new creative avenue for the band. Did I mention it’s a love song, and a fine one at that? There’s nothing dumb about it. 

The band’s full six-song EP, Cuts, releases August 18 and will be supported by a trio of performances in Fredericton, Saint John, and Halifax. Details below.

Upcoming Performances:

August 25 | The Cap | Fredericton | w/ David R. Elliott
August 26 | McGill’s | Saint John | w/ J & the Ausguts
September 16 | Gus’s Pub | Halifax | w/ Pith and Lionsault


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