Brookside Mall is Open for Business

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Trio announce Young Champion EP, share new track.

Young Champion Cover (Kasie Wilcox)
Cover art by Kasie Wilcox

Brookside Mall stepped onto the scene less than a year ago with the release of Philadelphia, an infectious gem of a pop song unlike anything else coming out of Fredericton at the time. Since then, the band has grown from the duo of Brendan MaGee (vocals and keyboards) and Josh Steeves (drums), to include bassist Dylan Ward (David in the Dark).

This week the trio announced their debut EP, Young Champion, will be released March 11, 2016 via Front Porch Records.

The tide is coming in / like tonic into gin / and the weight of all we did is just a lime upon the rim,” sings MaGee on the opening track April Showers, the first of four songs that each read like love letters to moments in time and friendships strained and resolved.

Recorded by Chris MacLean at All In The Mind Studios, Young Champion is a short, enjoyable ride through winding lyrical pathways and melodic backroads.  MaGee’s vocals dip and curve, at times white-knuckling the guardrail before effortlessly returning to the comfortable path paved by the solid and guiding rhythms of Steeves and Ward.

With more bands choosing to take the EP route these days, Brookside Mall have laid out a strong template for the format, clearly demonstrating how to make the most of limited time. There’s no filler here. Young Champion is a solid introduction.

Listen to the track, Palindrome, and watch for the full EP in March.

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