Brookside Mall announce new album & share first single

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Brookside Mall will release their second full length album June 29 via Front Porch Records.

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Brookside Mall have shared the first single from their forthcoming self-titled album due out June 29 via Front Porch Records. Twenty Thirteen finds the trio pushing into slightly heavier territory than on previous releases mixing co-founder Brendan MaGee’s trademark nostalgic lyricism with a singalong chorus that demands to be sung at full volume, hands in the air, smiles all around.

MaGee’s proven ability to reflect upon lovers lost and friendships faded is in fine form on this latest single as he laments days gone by and the people, the sounds and the freedom that defined them. 

I miss the Weakerthans and spending summers with my friends. There’ll always be a piece of me that lives in 2013. So glad there’s more to it than what it felt like then, but I’d rather relive times with friends in a world with the Weakerthans.

The band will be on the road in early July playing a handful of shows in Quebec and Ontario.

Upcoming performances:

June 29 | Pressed café | Ottawa, ON
June 30 | Duffy’s Tavern | Toronto, ON
July 1 | La Vitrola | Montreal, QC

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Casually devastating and symptomatic of the time, Brookside Mall arrives June 29 through Front Porch Records. Be it the passing of a construction worker, family pet, drunk driver, seminal Canadian indie rock band, or beloved Blue Jays pitcher, this self-titled album traces passion and relief in eight overcast portraits. Brookside Mall is predicated upon propulsive rhythm, shoegazey synth tones, and affecting words in a low-slung wail.

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