Brazilian Celtic ensemble headed to The Muse this month

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South America’s premier Celtic group Banda Taverna will play The Tipsy Muse Café on August 19. 

When we think of Celtic music we typically think of music from Scotland or Ireland, right? Maybe Nova Scotia. But never South America. 

This month The Tipsy Muse Café will host a performance by South America’s premier Celtic band, Banda Taverna, a five-piece ensemble originally formed to play St. Patrick’s Day parties in Brazil. 

Banda Taverna play a mix of traditional Irish music and contemporary interpretations of music from a diverse group of artists ranging from The Beatles (check out their cover of Norwegian Wood) to Iron Maiden (check out their cover of Hallowed Be Thy Name). 

Tickets on sale. Details below.

Banda Taverna | August 19 | The Tipsy Muse Café | 7 p.m. | View Event

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