BOTA Spotlight Thandiwe McCarthy

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The fourth video in a new series from Battle of the Arts features words and poetry from Thandiwe McCarthy.

Fredericton-based Battle of the Arts have launched a video series to spotlight Black artists in New Brunswick. 

“Our goal is to amplify Black voice through the arts. We asked these artists how the arts help them voice-out their opinions, how they use the arts to break through barriers and fight against racism in the community, and how they use arts to create positive change,” said BOTA founder Saa Andrew. 

Andrew has been sharing new videos in this series weekly since August. Other guests in the series include members of the Maritime School of Affrican Dance, rapper Ceeb Dread, Lion Spirit and poet Thandiwe McCarthy. 

McCarthy is a poet and writer living in Fredericton and was a featured performer in the 2020 Flourish Festival. 

“Every saturday we have a series we have a showcase by blacks in the arts from across Canada, performing, and telling their challenges, experience being black in the arts in New Brunswick and Canada,” he said.

Check out BOTA’s YouTube channel to view the complete series. 


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