Black Box Productions presents The Other Dean’s List

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Jake Martin directs Black Box Productions’ new sketch comedy production featuring a cast of STU students and community misfits and hooligans.

Black Box Productions’ 22/23 season continues with what might be the first ever sketch comedy show produced by St. Thomas University’s drama company. St. Thomas University and Second City alum Jake Martin has been working with STU students “and a few stragglers from the community” putting together the hilarious sketch comedy show, The Other Dean’s List, that will premiere at The Ted Daigle Theatre on December 1 and 2, 2022.

Director Jake Martin, who like many artists returned to Fredericton during the pandemic, found comedy success in Toronto and is thrilled to be sharing their love for the craft with the STU community and fostering that skill on the campus. 

“I was so happy to get into rehearsals and find people like me, who were just as excited to dissect and fine-tune a joke as they were to perform it,” said Martin. “There are some wickedly funny and talented people here in Fredericton and hopefully this isn’t the last time you will be seeing sketches from these fine folks!”

Join Martin and their cast of jokers this weekend at the Ted Daigle Auditorium for an evening of jokes, gags and a reprieve from the daily grind. 

The Other Dean’s List | December 1-2 | Ted Daigle Auditorium | 7:30 p.m. | $5/Student/IBPOC/Under-waged + $10/Everyone Else | Reserve your seats by contacting 


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