Battle of the Comedians

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Live Stand-up comedy from Fredericton’s Finest


This Friday, watch Trevor, Jon, John and Vince battle it out and try to convince you that they are the funniest comedian.  The event will be hosted by Troy Haines, a local comedian who specializes in twisted dad jokes.  He is also the producer and host of Live Stand -up Comedy and is an associate producer for Shane Ogden Presents.

The following comedians will meet on the field of battle:

Trevor Muxworthy

Trevor Muxworthy started performing stand-up comedy because he has failed at everything he has ever taken seriously.  A retired Novice AAA goaltender with a failed “professional” poker playing career all before the legal age to gamble in the United States.  Naturally the mental breakdown followed and a rising comedy star was born.

Trevor has spent time doing shows all over the East Coast performing at The Fredericton Playhouse, Charlotte Street Arts Centre, Yuk Yuks, The Capital Complex, Peppers Pub and in southern Ontario at The Staircase Theatre in Hamilton and the Comedy Bar in Toronto.  He has a likeable stage presence even though his comedy is not for the easily offended. Not one to describe his genre of comedy Trevor, says his act can be summed up with one word: Fatsexual.

John Bailey

Hailing from the small and possibly non-existent town of Maquapit Lake, 24 year old John Bailey’s comedy ruminates on being too young to be nostalgic and too old to have potential.  John was a founding member of the Fredericton United Comedy Collective (FUCC), a group of performers who started the stand-up scene in Fredericton and he has performed throughout the province.

Jon Forward

Jon Forward started out in comedy doing character work as MC Crosswalk, a crossing guard turned hard-core gangster rapper. MC Crosswalk performed live several times, released an album and ultimately took his own life in 2012 after being eliminated from a karaoke contest.  Concurrently, Jon was one of the founding members of the H to the C radio show which ran from 2001-2010 before turning into a podcast in 2011.  Jon Forward has also written a one act play which was put on by the Saint John Theatre Company in 2005. Currently, he is a writer on the web series Hoveland008, which made it to the Top 55 in the 2014 CBC Comedy Coup contest.

After a brief stint doing stand-up in 2004, Jon gave up on it until 2011.  Following in the footsteps of MC Crosswalk, Jon spent years alienating audiences at music open mics in Saint John. Starting in late 2013, early 2014, Jon began experimenting in performing comedy for an audience that actually came to see it. Since then, he has been performing regularly. Mostly based in Saint John (Sommerset Pub, R Bar, Shane Ogden Presents) and Fredericton NB (Wilser’s Room, The Capital, Corked, Elk’s Club), Jon has also performed at the Wiggle Room in Montreal and at the Evolve Festival 2014 in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Since June 2014, he has been hosting his own monthly show in Saint John called, No Jokes Barred.

Vince Hoben

Vince came to Fredericton in 2006 as just a pretty young thing off the bus in the big city and is now a grown man living in a tiny apartment he pays for with all his own money.  He is new to the NB comedy scene and did his first open mic in April of this year.  Since then, he’s been telling jokes whenever the opportunity arises, including Mega Comedy Mondays in Halifax, No Jokes Barred in Saint John, Troy Haines Presents Live Stand-up Comedy, where he received a strong 4th place (out of 4) in the comedy battle and is creeping up on his 20th set.

Elks Club 218 Brunswick street show starts at 8:30pm | $4.75 Beers, free parking, limited seating | Tickets $15 | Cash sale tickets available at Read’s Newsstand & Cafe Fredericton or call or text 506 470 5550 to reserve tickets. Or you can take your chances and get your tickets at the door. Please be kind and share this event.

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