Bathurst Musician Sees New Single Go Viral

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Peter Jarratt’s self recorded live performance of These Years is quickly inching towards 100,000 views in just over a week.

Matt Carter

Bathurst musician Peter Jarratt has struck gold with his latest single, These Years. Or at least as close to gold as an independent songwriter living in Bathurst could hope for.

On Tuesday July 19, Jarratt posted a performance of his new song, played live on a freshly tuned piano. In the first few days, the video earned more than 25,000 plays and is now boasting more than 100K. 

I am thinking that it is just the right recipe of videography, songwriting, and a show of real, genuine, raw emotion,” said Jarratt. 

“I feel like the fact that I recorded it live with three video cameras captured some of my weird quirky expressions,” he said. “Somehow that caught on and everyone that has commented on it or messaged me privately said that it is pure heart and soul and that it hits them all in the feels in a really relatable way!”

It is a beautiful tune. Have a listen. 

Peter Jarratt | FACEBOOK 


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