Backward Music Announce: The Hawk

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Debut release from Senior Citizen is the latest addition to the Backward Music catalog.


New Brunswick percussionist and producer Bob Deveau has been creating electronic music and performing under the moniker Senior Citizen for the past ten years. Perhaps best known as drummer for Grand Theft Bus, Canada’s popular jam-cum-prog/pop group, Deveau has also been a member of The Olympic Symphonium, Share, and Snailhouse.

In 2009, Deveau began recording drum tracks as a base for new electronic compositions out of his parent’s barn in his hometown of Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia. These tracks were then built upon in the computer and passed onto several vocalists and instrumentalists from around Atlantic Canada for contributions. Seven years later, the final result is a stunning collection of electronic music ranging from from subtle opener “Better Off Alone“, to house and techno inspired jams (“So Close” + “Temporary Madness“), Todd Terjestyle disco (“Not The Same“), and the brooding Fever Ray-esque “Footprints.

The Hawk
 is a truly collaborative record with over 11 different side musicians offering vocals, guitars, keyboards, and lap steel on top of many layers of percussion and electronics. The Hawk will be released by Forward Music Group sister-label Backward Music in early July with only one release performance – July 2nd in Fredericton, NB @ The Capital.

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