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Under the “D” : Drugs (i.e. Psychedelic Music)

Daughters of the Sun – Ride to Die (and) DYN – DYN

CS2556075-02A-BIGIt’s always nice to hear that tripped out music still has a place on young music fan’s stereos. Here are a couple of recent releases, one that’s been in store for a while, one just arrived, to slip alongside your Brian Jonestown Massacre, Thee Oh Sees, and Spacemen 3 albums, next to your bong and low wattage strobe light.

Daughters of the Sun are a Minnesota trio that find their fun imagining synthesizer and echo/delay guitar soundtrack epics for long-forgotten motorcycle flicks. Their most recent, Ride to Die, has all the spacey wonder of 70s krautrock like Faust and Can, but with a drive that you can follow up to a healthy cruising speed. “Desert Grave,” is our favourite track, galloping along with a fuzzed out guitar sitting like a fiery skull on top of the chrome encrusted keyboard swirls. All mastered by Sonic Boom from Spaceman 3 for authenticity sake. Get into it.maxresdefault

If you like Minnesotans that sound like Germans, they you’ll love Germans that sound like Jesus and Mary Chain with a bad hangover. DYN is a Berlin duo that gives you that and more. On their first self-titled album they pound out sparse low-chord density garage rock and also interstellar bursts of activity. You can almost smell the stale beer, and feel your Converse stick to the floor as walk with them through low lit corridors of rock. Apparently Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe liked them so much he hooked them up with his band’s favourite producer. Thus DYN.

Break out your theremins and play along. I recommend it (obviously).



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