Backstreet Recommends 15::12::15 – The Twelve Tips of Xmas #3 & 4

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backstreettips34These are the first two holiday-specific tips as the shopping cutoff looms and you may not have found that perfect item for the music fan in your family.

Tip #3 Plain and simple! Gift Certificates!

I know there is always some resistance to these as people sometimes think that gift certificates aren’t a worthy substitute for a more specific and/or tangible present under the tree. But facts are facts, I hear so many people this time of the year utter some version of this phrase: “I really don’t know what they like/have,” or equally unhelpful, “I know they like rock music, what do you suggest?” Likewise I’ve seen so many people come in after xmas with gift certificates excited to make their own choice… because, hey, they too are broke from buying your presents.

Tip #4 Vinyl of the Month for 2016!!!

Some of you may already know about the subscription club we started in January this year. A monthly fee got you (or the person you gifted) a new record each month along with 10% off all their purchases that month at Backstreet. This year we’re doing it again, but with a couple of little twists. Along with the regular club where everyone gets the same record that we pick each month, we’re also doing a “Secret Shopper” version. In this club people answer a few questions to give us a better idea of their taste and we pick a title each month we think they’d likely enjoy but might not know about already. Fun, right? Because we still love our digital folks we are offering CD versions of both clubs too. Silverdisc!!!

You can check out for more details about prices and such… and you can also email us at if you want to ask specific questions or subscribe.

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