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Big ‡ Brave – Au De La

300dpiRGB-e1436877530765Montreal’s Big ‡ Brave are a metal three piece that know how to slowly work at the black seam of a song until it yields the darkest riches possible. After a couple of very limited edition releases, recorded in collaboration with luminaries from the Hotel2Tango family, the band signed to Southern Lord for Au De La.

The album features five dense slabs deposited and shaped by the glacial erosion of two guitars, and drums, with a bit of help by A Silver Mt. Zion violinist Jessica Moss (the album was also notably recorded by A Silver Mt Zion / GY!BE’s Efrim Menuck). Vocalist Robin Wattie picks precise moments to unleash emotional fire onto the blasted landscape of songs… like gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

If you wished that classic slow core bands like Low or Codeine were completely staffed by grumpy Vikings, your wish is answered, today!!


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