ArtsLink NB’s 2022 nature residency gets underway this week

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Introspect, a low-tech nature residency, will see five artists creating new work at Herring Cove Provincial Park on Campobello Island. 

ArtsLink NB’s upcoming residency program, Introspect, will provide each participating artist a chance to focus on the essentials by limiting the use of screens and other technologies, to focus entirely on the process of creation. The five selected artists will be staying in rustic shelters, taking inspiration from the beautiful, picturesque setting of Herring Cove Provincial Park. 

“I’m incredibly excited to see what these artists, from vastly different disciplines, will create over the two weeks they’re in the park,” says Jericho Knopp, the program’s organizer. “Residencies are such a valuable opportunity for artists to have dedicated time to experiment in a place that inspires them, and Herring Cove is such an inspiring place.” 

The artists for this year’s program were selected by a peer jury, and come from all around the province, encompassing multiple artistic disciplines. Tomo Ingalls, Melissa Kennedy, Leah Wilton, Danielle Smith, and Jesse Mea will arrive at Herring Cove Provincial Park on Campobello Island on June 6 and stay until June 17. On Sunday, June 12, from 2-4 p.m., there will be an open studio day where members of the public are invited to visit with the artists and see the projects they’ve been working on. 

The works created during Introspect will be presented publicly at the end of the residency. 

About the Artists and Their Projects

Leah Wilton is a dancer, a graduate of the School of Toronto Dance Theatre. She plans to use her time to choreograph a short contemporary dance work. 

Melissa Kennedy is a visual artist and sculptor, a graduate of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, UNB, and the drawing and sculpture program at the Florence Academy of Art. Her aim is to explore the creation and accentuation of atmosphere in drawings through the depiction of nature scenes. 

Tomo Ingalls is a potter and clay artist. She graduated from New Brunswick College of Craft and Design 2020 and earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in craft media from Alberta University of the Arts. Her goal at Introspect is to explore the interaction of the body and clay through the use of plaster moulds.

Jesse Mea is a musician and composer. He will be learning birdsong unique to Campobello Island, and from this birdsong developing a palette of musical themes to incorporate into new musical compositions for the accordion. 

Danielle Smith is fiber artist, with an academic background in environmental science. For this residency, she will create 9 4×4 squares arranged into a larger 3 x 3 panel. Each square will capture a diverse and intimate location within Herring Cove Provincial Park. 

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