Arts Atlantic Symposium – Call for Projects

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Arts Atlantic Symposium is a three-day multidisciplinary festival set to take place in Saint John October 21-23.

This fall, the Arts Atlantic Symposium will bring live performances, art installations, public exhibitions, as well as a conference component featuring keynote speakers, panels, workshops, and networking events to uptown Saint John. After a delayed start due to COVID, planning is now underway for what is hoped to become an annual event within the Atlantic Canadian Arts scene. 

This year’s theme is Future Possible. 

The past few years have caused fundamental changes for many artists and art organizations. How has this time given rise to new ways of seeing, thinking, and doing? What choices will we make now about reconnecting, about how we spend our time? How will we choose our creative partners and our audiences? How does the possibility of hybrid experiences in a digital era inform our creative approaches, breaking down barriers between physical location and artistic disciplines? How does place, and our way of being here — the pace, the tone, the environment — inform our ability to envision? 

Organizers have issued a call for projects and are asking artists, arts collectives, curators, scholars, or arts professionals to submit proposals for presentations, performances, temporary installations, interventions, or workshops on exploring this year’s theme.

Suggested proposal topics include connection/reconnection in a pandemic or post-pandemic environment, resilience and adaptation in the arts sector, resilience/growth/success for Atlantic Canadian artists through professional development and/or digital innovation, and curating, art-making, and/or audience building in a digital era. 

For a full list of possible topics, to learn more about the symposium, or for details on how to submit or participate in the first Arts Atlantic Symposium, visit and plan to be in Saint John for the event this fall.  Many more details to come.

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