Artists begin two-week residency with City of Fredericton

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Anne Stillwell-Leblanc, Kim Stillwell and Kaitlin Hoyt will be creating in Killarney Lake Park and the Fredericton Botanic Gardens between July 26 and August 6 as part of the City’s 2021 Artist in Residence program. 

Anne Stillwell-Leblanc and Kim Stillwell will be creating in Killarney Lake Park until August 6.

The City of Fredericton’s Summer Artist in Residence program returns to the outdoors! From June 28 – September 3, seventeen artists will move from their studios to the outdoors to work “en plein air” for two-week residencies. From July 26 – August 6, find multidisciplinary artists Anne Stillwell-Leblanc and Kim Stillwell at Killarney Lake Park and wildlife illustrator Kaitlin Hoyt in the Fredericton Botanic Gardens at Odell Park. Visitors can see artists in person while abiding by public health guidelines. For daily updates and weekly events, follow the artists’ social media linked below or visit the City of Fredericton’s website. 

Anne Stillwell-Leblanc is a multidisciplinary artist who focuses on linoleum block printing. Her work draws on the simple yet complex composition of nature, creating florals, foliage, insects, and animal designs in striking black and white imagery. Kim Stillwell is a multidisciplinary artist traditionally trained in pottery, though has expanded to explore a variety of other mediums. Inspired by the nature of New Brunswick, her work reflects imagery that speaks to the flora, fauna, and waterways of the Maritimes. They operate from their home base practice, Ridge Works Studio.

Anne Stillwell-Leblanc and Kim Stillwell | WEB | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

Wildlife illustrator Kaitlin
Hoyt will be in the Fredericton Botanic Gardens at Odell Park as part of her residency July 26 – August 6.

Based in Fredericton, Kaitlin Hoyt is a wildlife illustrator who graduated from The University of New Brunswick and Mount Allison University. The connection between wellbeing, art, and nature is a cornerstone to her craft as she seeks to pay homage, show gratitude, and better understand the natural world. She has undertaken projects such as 100 Birds in 100 Days and painting all 430 of New Brunswick’s bird species. During the residency, Kaitlin will continue to work on these projects and explore new avenues while hosting livestreams for the public.


You are invited to visit the artists during the day from Monday to Friday. Artists are free to set-up wherever inspiration strikes them in the park. To find the artists, follow them on social media or refer to the signs posted at the entrances. See how they use the park and garden spaces as inspiration or as sources of materials to incorporate into their creations. Remember to maintain physical distance and abide by local phase-specific public health safety regulations. 

Be sure to follow the artists on social media for regular updates on their work and events like talks, interviews, demonstrations, art lessons, and more.

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