Art Talk: How to Avoid Non Payment & Litigation in Art Sales

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Fredericton Arts Alliance welcome artist Bruce Gray for this public discussion.

gray picIf you sell your art or are commissioned for artwork, you run the risk of non-payment. The Fredericton Arts Alliance is offering a free talk by New Brunswick artist, Bruce Gray, to help artists learn how to protect themselves from such problems.

“The talk arose as an offer from the artist to share his expertise in this area,” said FAA president Penny Pacey, “and we were delighted to accept as it fits perfectly with our mandate to support creative expression and artists in the Greater Fredericton region.  Unfortunately, it is an ongoing  issue for artists everywhere.”

Bruce Gray is a highly esteemed and experienced New Brunswick artist who has learned how to work with “challenging” clients. He will give advice on measures to take to avoid litigation, discuss contracts which offer legal protection, provide insights into best approaches if litigation does become necessary, and discuss why artists are prone to collection issues. An informative handout will be provided at this Art Talk.

Art Talk | Fredericton Public Library | May 2, 2015 | 2:00pm

For more information, please contact The Fredericton Arts Alliance at or; or call Sabine Campbell at 454-1139 or George Strunz at 453-1113.

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